Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm driving to the hairdressers. It's almost lunch time so everyone's got their little signs put up on the street hawking their food, hoping to attract lunchtime business. Navajo tacos. Burritos. Pizza. Chicken wings. Rice bowls. Those are the signs I pass. Nothing for salads or grilled chicken or roasted vegetables.
Of course, each sign conjures up visions of deliciously fatty, calorically dense foods. Pizza. With a chewy crust and the oil pooled on top. Yum. Navajo tacos filled with meat and topped with cheese. And maybe, just maybe, for dessert fry bread dripping with honey and dusted with confectioner's sugar. A plump burrito filled with carne asada, beans, avocado and onions. What's a person to do?
Come home and whip up a more favorable lunch of whole grain pasta, broccoli, chicken flavored with a sort of spicy Asian vinaigrette. I was distracted for a moment but I got back to the real world. What I ate might have actually equalled the calories in some of those luscious offerings but at least I managed to resist and get a few more nutrients in my homemade lunch.

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