Monday, May 4, 2009

Eating with normal people

I eat out a lot. I'm almost embarrassed to report that I haven't cooked dinner in two weeks. Forget lunch or breakfast. Most of the time I eat with like minded people--meaning people who like to eat! A lot. Not all are chubby like me (today I consider myself chubby, not fat). But many of them are a bit over the ideal weight scale.
Last night we ate dinner with normal eaters. It wasn't much fun. We wanted them to order appetizers but they didn't. Forget french fries. That wasn't going to happen. Rather than scandalize them, I ordered grilled halibut, roasted veggies and mashed potatoes. Delicious meal although the burger and fries that passed by on the way to a nearby table sure looked good. Anyway. The other woman ordered a similar dinner, different fish selection.
Meals came and hubby and I dove right in. Other couple continued talking as though they weren't really that eager to taste the luscious food in front of them. They never talked with food in their mouths which to us would mean not talking at all! They ate ever so slowly and did look like they were enjoying the food. But then they stopped. Abruptly. About halfway thru the food on their plates. The fish was a small portion...maybe only four ounces...and she didn't finish it. She said it would make a good lunch for the next day. What? Is she human? Did I hear her correctly? Two ounces of fish, a few bites of veggies and she's finished? Had enough? And the minuscule portion left on her plate is lunch for the next day? I wouldn't even bother to take that home.
Undeterred by her restraint, I ate all my fish, potatoes and veggies. Tasty meal. I did check my fullness when she stopped. You know. I'm not sure. I wasn't "hungry" but I also wasn't "full". You know. Fish. It doesn't exactly fill you up. Right? So I kept eating. I wonder what she was thinking.....and was she hungry when she got home?
BTW...she's gorgeously slim and fit.

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