Thursday, December 24, 2009

Very Early Un-resolution for the New Year

I don't make new year's resolutions. I don't waste my time promising myself and everyone around me that I'll make lifestyle changes. I don't have to make a pronouncement to the world. If I intend to do something, I do it. A "resolution" shared with others or even a contract with myself isn't going to make it happen if I'm not dedicated to make it happen.
Here's an article about other health professional's personal resolutions:

Here are some things I'm thinking about for the new year:

1. Unlike others, I think I'm going to try to cook more simply. I spend way too much time in the kitchen. I spend way too much time reading cookbooks and magazines and searching web sites for the perfect recipe. I spend way too much time chopping and dicing and sauteeing and searing. And I spend way too much time thinking about what to cook. I'm going to try to cook my food as simply as possible so that the true flavor of the food is the dominant feature and not the spices and herbs and aromatics.
2. I'm going to try to think about things other than food. I spend way too much time thinking about food. About shopping for it and cooking it and eating it. About where to eat and what to order.
3. I'm not going to "cook" with fruits and veggies. Instead, I'm just going to eat them as simply as possible (see #1 above). An apple or an orange, a cucumber or a radish. I'll just eat them. I won't add them to salads or smoothies or stews.

That's good enough for now.