Saturday, December 19, 2009

Latkes, cookies and more

Two holiday parties in one night. Maybe not a lot to most of you but difficult to manage time wise and food wise. Both were potato latke parties. It's the last day of Chanukah and I guess everyone wanted to use up their potatoes! Opted out of latkes at the first event. Enough to eat with veggies and hummus. Second event, latkes smelled a whole lot better. In fact, they were good. Good enough that I ate three of them (they were mini latkes!) with a tiny slice of brisket. Not really overeating but over-caloring for sure. Shame on me. I had "real" Coke. Delicious. Gosh, I do love soda.
But I didn't overeat quantity and I'm feeling pretty good right now. Like I could maybe eat something later. Like a hot fudge sundae. Yeah. Like some ice cream. Cold creamy ice cream. It just slides right down. Doesn't take up a lot of space. Very little space in fact because it melts.
Logic according to Sharon.

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