Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ali Vincent and Me

I interviewed Ali Vincent today for an article that will appear in the spring issue of Edible Phoenix Magazine ( She was gracious, vivacious, warm, generous with her time and most of all, inspirational! Oh, and the girl looks fabulous! Toned and svelte and just gorgeous. I haven't read her book, Believe It, Be It, but if the writing is only half as dynamic as she is in person, then it's a winner. The girl has charisma.
Can you tell I'm a fan?
I don't usually tape record my interviews. I'm pretty good at taking notes and I've got a dynamite memory but I knew I would be gaga over the girl so I decided to tape the interview just in case I was unable to listen and write at the same time.
Ali was so full of interesting anecdotes about her time on the show and her "new" life that I ended up just listening so it's a good thing I had the recorder running.
She made my day!

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