Monday, December 14, 2009

OMG....I get to meet Ali Vincent

Look. I'm not really star struck. I mean, I go to LA all the time and my heart doesn't go flutter flutter when some star walks by. And my daughter is a movie producer, after all. I've been to Sundance Film Festival and to a real Hollywood movie premiere.
But, Ali Vincent. The first female winner of The Biggest Loser. Give me a break. Hello. I'm a fan. I was a fan at the start of the show because she's from AZ and also because I just loved the relationship between her and her mother.
Soooo, I'm interviewing her for a story. I'm going to her house. Holy crap. Excited. I'm a little too old to be this star struck but I'm impressed with what she's accomplished.
Hmmm. Maybe she can motivate me!

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Chef Gwen said...

OMG... that's so exciting! And I know that the story you do will be just as star-worthy as your subject.