Wednesday, July 29, 2009

LA trip

100 people looked at the blog yesterday. I guess because of the article in the Chicago Trib. They probably wondered, "Who is this strange dietitian?". I thought I should post again today just in case some of them (you?) come back. There should be something to read.
On vacation. In Los Angeles. Here to see the premiere of the movie my daughter produced, Paper Heart. That was last night. So exciting. Red carpet. Paparazzi. "Famous" people. Audience seemed to like the movie. Some reviews should be out today. We'll see.
To me, vacations are about the food. Where will I eat? What will I eat? So far, nothing too exciting. And not too many calories. We drove here from Phoenix. Six hours. Three potty breaks and food breaks. Packed a cooler. Ate fruit, turkey sandwiches and vegetables! Forgot to pack the bag of potato chips. Interesting. Forgot, Dr. Freud? Maybe not. Forgot to pack the container of mini chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joe's. Interesting.
First dinner out, burger and fries. Didn't eat the bun because it wasn't worth eating. Didn't finish the fries because they weren't worth finishing. But felt I "deserved" an ice cream so went to Whole Foods and bought some. Oh, and ate it!
Next up, lunch yesterday. Went to one of our favorite restaurants in Santa Monica, Huckleberry. Had turkey meatballs and snap peas. AND shared chocolate pudding for dessert. Exceptional texture on the pudding. Exceptional.
Dinner was after the premiere at the party. Mexican food. A little of this and a little of that. Too excited and tired to eat much.
Today is a new day. Already worked out. Thinking about lunch as I'm finishing up breakfast (bialy from the NY Bagel place down the street). So far, no plans except for fried chicken on Thursday night. Maybe a little sushi one night. And what else? Funny. I'm not sure. Am I losing interest in eating????


Ruth Rogers said...

WOW! Congrats to your daughter. How exciting. You must be very proud!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me laugh! Love your blog.

Congratulations to your daughter!
Enjoy the rest of vacation!