Saturday, July 4, 2009

The guilt of feasting

The previous post on indulgences has kept me occupied in deep thought for a few days now. Because I realized another purely person phenomenon--not sure if any of you feel the same way. So I tend to indulge all the time. On the other hand, I hold back when I should allow myself to indulge. It's a holiday. A holiday that demands indulgence: barbecue, potato salad, hot dogs, burgers, ribs. All the foods that most sane people eat only on special occasions. Like this one. So today would be the perfect day for me to enjoy, without guilt, these foods. Especially the ribs and perhaps some chicken wings. With garlic bread. Yum. But, no. I keep telling myself "no". Not good for you. Don't do it. And, yet, I might happily eat a burger tomorrow. I don't get it. Punish myself with deprivation when it's okay to indulge and then indulge when it's better to eat more sanely. Help me work this one out. It's totally confounding.

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MyDailyQuestion said...

I have found that there are always excuses for getting off my diet. I just have to practice a no-excuses approach, even if it means not partaking of the gluttony that everybody around me is enjoying. Occasional indulgences may work for others, but not for me.