Friday, October 31, 2008

She said it

Apparently although I'm fat, I'm not as fat as I thought I was because according to the scale at the doc's office, I'm ten pounds lighter (thinner!) than last time I was there. Ten pounds. Of course, I had been down more than that but I'm still down.
Did she say it? "You could lose some weight." Why, yes, she did!
Why she even asked if I'd read South Beach Diet book. She offered that she eats that way. Of course she does. She weighs ounces. Not tons. And she's probably eaten that way her whole life....because she likes to. I don't like to. I don't want to. And that's final.
Awaiting the results of routine blood tests. If, if, if, something is wrong (like pre-diabetes or something), then I'll consider getting back on the roller coaster. But if not, then shut up!

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