Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In your face training

Was just watching Today Show. The woman who was eliminated last week from Biggest Loser was on. Shellay. One of the mothers. She looks great, of course. Really great. New hairdo. New glasses. New clothes. New body. I'm impressed. I don't know why but I never expect them to look as good as they do. I always think their skin will be hanging off their bodies. Their faces will appear gaunt. But they don't look that way. Now maybe she was wearing some iron girdle, although it didn't look like she was. And her arms were covered so maybe her triceps are flapping in the wind like bird wings. I don't know. And it is TV. And she was wearing lots of make up no doubt. But I gotta say, she looked pretty good. Way to go, Shellay!
So she was on with Jillian, her trainer from the show. Jillian, the in your face trainer. The screamer. The intimidator. Apparently that worked well for Shellay. It surely wouldn't work well for me. I grew up with a master intimidator--my father. I learned to sneer back. To smile when his blood started to boil. To turn and walk away when he was at his most frightening. So when someone gets that way with me, I laugh and walk away. I mean, if I didn't cower when my 6'3'' father who weighed 250 pounds and had hands so big that he had to have his gloves for his policeman's uniform custom made...if I didn't cower when he lost it with me, I'm surely not going to respond favorably to anyone else's rantings and ravings.
Shout in my face, if you wish. I'll laugh in yours. Call me names. I'll use the "f" word and walk away. The scary angry stuff people might say actually makes me feel almost calm. It brings me back to childhood and to my father. I remember that I lived through it...a bit scathed perhaps...but I lived through it.
I guess Shellay has never been treated that way so Jillian's rants and put downs had a positive effect on her. I just hope that trainers around the country aren't watching that thinking it will work with their clients. Because it sure wouldn't work with me and if anyone were to try it, they'd probably end up in tears in short order.
So what does work with me? Apparently nothing. I have to be motivated by my own desires or nothing will work. I often think about what I would do about my weight if the doctor told me that I was in danger of imminent death if I didn't lose weight immediately. I'd probably quote her a bunch of studies to refute her warning.
I'm an excuse person. I have an excuse for everything. And my excuse for having excuses is....

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