Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back in bowl

"Back in bowl" is a line from a Lily Tomlin/Steve Martin movie "All of Me". It's a line my husband and I say to each other with perhaps slightly different meaning than the writer had intended when he wrote those lines. To us it means it is time to get back to doing what we should have been doing but stopped doing. So, "back in bowl" for me...tomorrow.
I've been totally ignoring the tenets of healthy eating. Interestingly, though, I haven't been eating what I want. No fried chicken. Should I have some tonight? No pizza. Maybe I should wait to get back in bowl until Tuesday so I can have pizza tomorrow.
I've just been eating whatever, wherever, whenever. None of my craved foods. None of my favorites. That's really odd. In fact, I haven't really enjoyed anything in a while. It's just been eating. Not mindless eating, just eating. I taste it. I know what I'm eating. I know when I've had enough. I just haven't really enjoyed any of it.
I'm almost craving a salad...almost. Thought about oatmeal this morning for the first time in a while. Fish. Wouldn't mind a piece of broiled fish. So maybe it is time to get back in bowl.
But back in bowl in a different way, I think. WW didn't exactly work out well because once I left the fold, I left it completely. Eating whatever, whenever isn't working either. So how about, eating the way I was eating on WW (lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean protein, lowfat dairy) but eating what I want when I want occasionally. Before I wasn't allowing myself the occasional fried chicken wing or scoop of ice cream.
Yes, yes. There were the LA transgressions. And the eating out issues. But if I consider them to be "transgressions" (even though I insisted I had no guilt!), then that's not emotionally healthy! So, here we go again. Eating as healthfully as possible, sticking to the concepts of healthy eating but allowing for satisfying cravings.
Another issue has been that I have only transgressed when I've eaten out while making eating home the place to stay on track. It might be better to switch that tactic a little or at least allow myself to prepare something gorgeously delicious at home once in a while. And so I will.
Should it be fried chicken?

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