Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I came. I saw. I ate

Back from my trip. Heavier. Happier. Relaxed. Unfazed.
Pastrami. Egg creams. Pickles and pizza. Chinese food. Turkish food. Greek food. Fries and knishes. Bagels and bialys. What can I say. It was there. I came. I saw. I ate.
No regrets. Could have eaten more but didn't. Never ate past satisfied. Avoided three course meals. Ate only when hungry.
But most foods were calorie dense. Lots of fat. Quantity was not the issue. Calories were.
So many choices, so little time.
Wedding we attended was catered by Abigail Kirsh. Supposed to be "big" caterer. Food was so-so for the most part. Lovely cocktail hour with lots of pretty good food: lamb tenderloins, pasta station, Israeli couscous salad, breaded and fried cauliflower (my favorite!), veggie salads, passed hors d'oeuvres like duck spring rolls (didn't like and actually...pardon me..spit it out) and mini hamburgers (adorable) and baby BLT sandwiches (so cute).
Dinner was less successful: Green salad with goat cheese (ho hum); truffled sea bass (okay) with mashed potatoes and cooked spinach; "s'mores" dessert which was a concoction including homemade marshmallows (those were worth eating) atop a graham cracker crust layered with a chocolate mousse. It was okay. Not great. But I ate it. All.
So we are 'back in bowl' as we like to say. That means, we are back on track. On my way to Trader Joe's to stock up on veggies. Actually happy to be eating simply!!!
But that will change. Once Friday comes around. I'll be back at the restaurants. Trolling for new and exciting food.
The struggle continues.

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