Monday, September 8, 2008

Excuses and other bad habits

I'm the master of excuses. Like the one about the weight watcher's leader who I believed falsified my weight! That was the excuse to stop going to the meetings even though I could have...should have...just chosen a different meeting to attend. Now it's that we were away, eating a lot of food (aka calories!) so I just continued when we got home last week. I mean, if I were counseling someone about losing weight, I'd warn her about these pitfalls. But I fall into them with my eyes wide open.
So last night, to cap off weeks of excessive eating, I had a LARGE Carvel hot fudge sundae. Not a small. A large. I ate it all. Down to scraping out every last bit of hot fudge. I gotta was delicious and worth every single last calorie. I've been thinking...obsessing...about a hot fudge sundae for weeks. So I decided to give in. And to give in big. It was delicious. Creamy. Warm. Thick. So utterly satisfying.
Today is a new day. The past is past. It's been a good day so far but I have a dinner meeting to attend tonight. I may have some problems with the meal. There won't be many choices so I'll just have to do the best I can.
And another dinner meeting tomorrow night. Also no choices and most probably some gorgeous French macaroons for dessert. I know I can skip the dessert. They are wonderful but I've had them before-in large quantities. I'm okay with forgoing the macaroons.
Excuses put to rest. Bad habits being tamed. On board again.

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Gregory said...

Carvel has a really good fat free, and perhaps even low sugar, hot fudge sundae--its actually really good!