Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back on track

It's been both hard and easy to get back on track. Stopped by Trader Joe's yesterday and was oh so tempted by the huge container of Cherry Garcia in the freezer. And those frozen cakes. They looked pretty good. Oh, and the pizzas. Yes, the freezer case should be off limits to anyone trying to eat a healthier diet. Of course, the freezer section is also home to fish fillets, fruits and veggies but those don't tempt!
The last aisle, the one with the corn and potato chips and my favorite....the bagel chips...that's one I should avoid as well. I could taste those crispy salty bagel chips as I perused the display. I used to use them in place of croutons in my salads. That is, until I read the label. Damn those nutrition labels.
Since I'm not a chocoholic, standing on line at checkout next to the chocolate bars doesn't tempt me. Whose idea is it to put candy bars at the checkout? Why not cantaloupes? Or whole grain cereal? What's with the candy bars?

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