Thursday, May 19, 2011

Xena Welcomes You

Just saw the blog post on Chow Bella ( about Xena. Not sure if all the hoopla this week actually did bring anyone here (and the poster spelled "dietitian" with a "c" so it's possible no one will find the blog) but if you're here because you read about Xena, hello. I've been writing this blog for a few years--ever since I tried (and succeeded but then failed) to lose some weight. You might enjoy starting at the beginning. None of my posts are very long. I'm way too lazy to write long involved researched posts.
Oh, and Xena is home safe and sound. Happy. Sleeping right now. I'm so grateful to everyone who helped me find her--thank you to everyone who posted on their blog or shared on their facebook page or tweeted for me. We love our big (Xena weighs 75 pounds and stands over 5 feet on her hind legs) sweetheart who most probably kissed the burglars until they left out of frustration instead of fear.

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