Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some more on The Biggest Loser

Hundreds of pounds lost. And so little talk about nutrition. Pretty chef comes on and women go gaga but why is chef talking about nutrition? So far nothing he's made has resonated with my taste buds but I'm a pretty picky eater. Thinking that Chef Pretty Boy consults with dietitian/chef Cheryl Forberg before he goes on camera to wow us with his pearly whites.
Trainers acting like shrinks? What's that about? Hoping that Jillian has consult with show's therapist before she goes off in private with contestant asking her to bare her soul. Hoping.
One big happy family? Really? Everyone loves everyone else. Endorphins from exercising so much?
Still watching it. Still criticizing it. Still hasn't motivated me but I expect it's motivated others.
Funny thing is that we eat dinner at about 7:30 on Tuesdays when the show is on and we watch while we're eating! Not very mindful of us and I'm sure watching TV and eating is frowned upon by those who counsel the contestants.
Weird that a show about sweaty fat people has  mesmerized the viewing public.
I can just imagine the pitch session from the creators: So we take very fat people and we make them stand in front of the camera without their shirts on displaying all their roles and dimples for the world to see. Then we humilate them on the first episode showing everyone how they stuff their faces with extraordinarily unhealthy food in huge quantities. We ask them to perform exercise feats that even elite athletes have trouble completing. So, what do you think? Wanna buy that show idea?

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