Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh, hi

Just wanted to greet everyone who found this blog last week after the burglary and loss of my sweet precious dog (who has since been returned....reluctantly).
Maybe you're here because you read Jess Harter's post about the freelance food writer whose dog disappeared after her house was burglarized and you were curious about who and what. Well, here we are. A blog written by a dietitian who eats her veggies but can't seem to stay away from french fries is maybe not what you expected.
As for the dog--I knew she would go straight to the park near our house because we go there every day for a walk. I did go to look for her three times but no sign of her. My husband went and put up flyers. I went again and handed out flyers to everyone in the park. Each time we were sad to return home without her. Then the homeless guy at the park (his dog, Rosie, plays with our dog, Xena) saw Xena jogging with a guy. Homeless guy told jogging guy that she was our dog and gave him the flyer. Jogging guy called and Xena is home. Of course, jogging guy said he wanted to keep her because she was such a great dog. Uh, yes, she is. The reason we didn't fnd her at the park is that he took her home and she spent the night at his house. He never even considered checking to see if she had a microchip but at least he kept her safe from coyotes (she thinks they're dogs and tries to play with them). He refused a reward but homeless guy did take a reward (and he deserved it). We're all safe and happy now.

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