Monday, May 16, 2011

Why they have it all wrong

Just finished reading yet another article about how to lose weight without being hungry. This one from Weill Cornell Medical College, Women's Nutrition Connection. They offer three strategies: 1. Eat breakfast. I have never skipped breakfast in my life. I often don't eat for a while after I get up because I'm not hungry but I do eat breakfast every day. If I don't eat by 9 am (I get up at 5 am), then I am pretty hungry but not more than I would expect and I'd never make it until noon if I didn't eat. I'd either bite someone's head off or eat a box of cookies. Either way, skipping breakfast is not something I do. Still it doesn't help me lose weight and I'm surely hungry in a few hours afterwards even though my breakfast is high in protein. So strategy #1 doesn't work for me.
2. Suggestion is to eat filling foods first (like high fiber foods) and fattening foods later. Hah. I don't have to be "hungry" to eat fattening foods and I'm going to eat them because I want to whether or not I've eaten the filling foods first.
3. Keep a lifestyle log. Right. Honey, I know all about my eating habits. I'm not really a mindless eater (okay, occasionally with a bag of chips and a book, I might get carried away). My eating is intentional. Triggers? Uh, yes. Show me fried chicken and I'll eat it. I like the way the author offers this quote: " keeps you more accountable when you write everything down." Accountable? To whom? Myself? I don't feel guilty when I've overeaten. I might feel sick but not guilty. I'm only accountable to myself and since I'm present while I'm eating, I don't need to keep a log.
So maybe I'm being just a little bit too critical of the article. It's just that it's yet another one offering up the same advice to someone who knows all the tricks and has all the (excuses) answers. This stuff works with someone who is motivated. How to motivate myself to maybe not take that second helping or eat that new ice cream that I just bought at the supermarket yesterday (Magnum bar?). Not sure.
Are dieters really "hungry"? Is that why they fall off the wagon or is it because they are bored with the food or just want something extra tasty? Because if a dieter were hungry, she could just eat something that is "legal" on her diet. So it isn't about "hunger" but HUNGER. These strategies don't address HUNGER.

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