Friday, October 23, 2009

Thanks but no thanks

A post on twitter this morning offered the "convenience" of a BMI chart. Um, yeah, thanks but no thanks. Everyone should have a BMI Chart hanging on their frig, I guess. At least the dietitian who posted the offer must think so. Here's what I think: If you're fat, you know it. If you're denying it, finding out your BMI probably isn't going to increase your awareness. Being fat and avoiding knowing that you're fat is not rational so why offer a rational solution.
Even looking in the mirror at your naked reflection doesn't do it. I know I rarely see my body when I look in the mirror. I focus on my face, especially my eyes and hair because they're my best features. If I do "look" at my whole body (and I rarely do because I don't want to be blinded by its beauty), I see what I'm wearing and that's about it.
For me, the best "measure" of fatness is actually just that: a measure. When I measure my waist, even if I cinch in the tape really tightly and hold my breath, the obvious is obvious. I'm fat. The buttons popping off my pants, the muffin top peeking out above the waist line of my way too tight jeans, the flesh under my neck--I can ignore those so easily. But for some reason the tape measure really works for me.
Damn that tape measure. Is it possible, I wonder, to stretch out that tape measure so that it is no longer accurate? Excuse me while I go experiment. Denial is my friend.

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