Friday, October 16, 2009

Joyful Exercise

This video of "piano" steps was passed around with glee yesterday on a bunch of dietitian web sites ( It's worth the few minutes to view it. Dietitians are all clamoring about what a good idea it is because it would mean more exercise. Me? I think it's joyful. Exercise? Sure. But it's just one flight of steps--albeit a steep one and certainly worth the energy expenditure. But watch the video and you'll see wonderment and people just having a good time. I would love the opportunity to play on those steps. You'll understand when you see the video. At least, I hope you'll understand.
And maybe people would exercise more if the activity were fun. I can't say that riding the elliptical, even while listening to my favorite songs, is fun. That's why I like to take aerobics classes once in a while. For the fun. I can't "whoop" when I'm working out alone on the bike. I mean, I'd like to but I'd probably be escorted out of the gym by the people in white coats. And why? Because when we exercise alone, we don't expect those joyful sounds. But it's okay in class. To count down out loud and to whoop and whee as much as we want. At least it's acceptable where I work out.
So, yes, I wish we had those steps here. Not because they would provide an opportunity to exercise but because they would provide an opportunity to have fun (the site is called fun theory, after all!). Don't miss the point. Go out and have a good time while you're burning some calories and strengthening your heart and your bones.

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