Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Halloween Pig Out

Have you gone to the supermarket this week? Huge displays of huge bags of miniature candy bars. Every kind imaginable. With nuts. Without nuts. With nougat. With raisins. With unidentifiable crunchy stuff. I don't really "like" chocolate but how can you walk past the rows of candy and not be tempted. You can smell the chocolate in the air. It's almost Halloween. Not a holiday I celebrate. No kids at home. None on my street. Rarely does anyone ring the doorbell. But just in case.....I mean, I'm just trying to be a good neighbor. So I'll buy a bag (or two) of candy so I'll be prepared should someone come knocking. I wouldn't want to disappoint the kids. It's all for them. Right? And then, it would be a sin to throw away good candy should no one come knocking.
I remember when the kids were little. They'd come home with bags groaning under the weight of candy. I allowed them to eat until they were close to vomiting. And then I'd freeze what was left to dole out slowly over the next few weeks. But first, and I know I'm not the only mother who's ever done this, first I would cull a few of the best candies for myself. After all, I worked for those calories. Walking up and down the block with the kids, checking each piece of candy to make certain it was safe to eat. That can make a mother hungry, you know.
So what.

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