Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Still watching Biggest Loser

I wasn't going to watch. Biggest Loser conflicted with So You Think You Can Dance--a much happier show. But I watched anyway. That's what happens when you're addicted! The show is actually kind of boring. Repeating scenes over and over. I don't get it. They've got to have hundreds of hours of footage. Why repeat so much? Whatever.
I would have thought that such heavy people would be losing faster. I wonder if they've upped the calories the contestants eat. Or they've cut back on exercise compared to other seasons.
Last night's episode was very nutrition centered. I think the contestants have learned a lot. You can see the influence of the RD when they looked at the chicken entrees--talking about skin, asking how the side dishes were prepared, wondering if there was sugar in the barbecue sauce. But, where oh where did they learn that they should avoid pineapple, grapes and bananas? And why were they taught that? Berries are lower in calories but why avoid those three innocent fruits? Ones which happen to be my favorites!
And when Jillian, dear Jillian, tries to talk about nutrition she stumbles and mumbles. She should stay out of the nutrition discussions. Stick to screaming in the contestants' faces with such encouraging words as, "when you die" I know you've had enough. What?
The product placement is really getting annoying. The camera focuses on a contestant taking out a piece of gum from a package. Oooh. That's exciting footage.
I hope I'm busy next Tuesday night so I can't watch the show.
Here's the best way to watch the show: Tune in for the first few minutes, which include a nice summary of the previous week minus the repeated segments. Watch the last fifteen minutes so you can find out who gets tossed out and what they look like now as well as the drama for the following week. And that's it. I mean, who has to watch the sweating and panting and groaning and complaining and gamesmanship and crying in the middle?

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Jacqui said...

What really, REALLY bugs me this season is that Jillian keeps talking about metabolism, which just happens to be the topic of her new book. But what really, really, REALLY bugs me is that she has a line of diet products out now. All the stuff she said you didn't need to lose weight, she is now selling herself. Certainly takes away her credibility.