Sunday, November 23, 2008

My body has a mind of its own???

I found this on the Internet:

"The Calorie Shifting diet confuses your metabolism by eating in a way that you've never eaten before. You are going to eat in a way that is opposite of what your body expects you to do. On this calorie shifting program, you are not going to eat the same types of calories for more than a couple of days at a time and you are going to lose a lot of weight by using this method."

Puleeze. Okay. Puleeze. Isn't any diet eating in a way that you don't normally eat? And I didn't know that my "body" had expectations about how I was going to eat.
"I wonder what she will eat today", muses my body.
"Carbs? Protein? Fat? A combination? And will she exercise?", ponders my body to itself.

The only way I'm going to lose a lot of weight is to eat sensibly, once and for all! To cut out the large portions. To smile and say, "No, thank you. I've had enough."

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Ivonne Berkowitz said...

Sharon, I laugh when I read things like this. Surely there IS some semblance of truth to the concept of manipulating calories and timing and exercise to achieve specific and drastic changes in body composition. It was likely derived from some studies and then manipulated and reworded to benefit whoever is selling the calorie shifting diet (and so many others like it). But when the idea is dumbed down to something like this, where the body has a mind of its own, much like you joked in your entry, ugh...

I feel the same way about the way that the P90X commercials talk about this concept of "muscle confusion" - like your muscles get confused because you're tricking them by not doing the same workouts all the time... Imagine that, we have colonies of little free-thinking entities living in our muscles and we're confusing them by switching up our exercises! I thought that was called periodization, but what do I know.