Saturday, August 9, 2008

Food commercials

Fried chicken overflowing the bucket. Piping hot pizza with cheese oozing out of the crust. Double burgers adorned with cheese and bacon. Just three of the images assaulting me daily on TV. So I started to wonder why it seems that all the food commercials are for high calorie foods. Is it that we wouldn't choose the high calorie foods if we didn't see them in all their delicious glory on the small screen? Do the fast food restaurants really need to advertise in order to get us to eat their food? Why aren't there commercials for broccoli? Carrots? Tomatoes? Broiled fish?

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Anonymous said...

I hear you. I counted once how many times an ad for fast food came on in one hour, it was over 20 times. How do we or our children stand a fighting chance.

As for me, I have got to do it. I am now 45, so that is about 20 plus years of pure failure. Now I have teen girls to think and feel guilty about. Plus, my mom died of heart problems at 51.

I seem to delude myself if I just stay under 200 pounds, I'm around 185, I am fine. I am not fine. So glad I found your blog.