Thursday, August 7, 2008

My distorted thinking

Here's the thing. I can't lose any more weight until after Labor Day. Here's why. I'm sure this will make sense to everyone. It makes sense to me. I've been to the dressmaker. She's finishing up the outfit I'll be wearing to a wedding in NYC over Labor Day. If I lose any weight, it won't fit properly. So I can't lose any more weight.
Of course, if I gain weight it won't fit either. That's a dilemma. Weight stable. How to maintain this weight for another three weeks. Is it possible?
And even if I lose weight, I will probably only lose a pound or two. That's been the pattern. So why am I worrying?
I'm not worrying, of course. I making excuses for eating out lunch tomorrow, dinner on Friday and Saturday night and lovely Chinese food on Sunday night with friends to celebrate the Olympics!
So I have a distorted way of arriving at conclusions that are only slightly rational. This one, admittedly, is a bit less than slightly rational.

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Jenny said...

I like your logic :-)