Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No wonder!

So I worked out for two hours this morning. And longer yesterday. And every day except for Fridays every week of every month of every year. And still I am fat. Here's one of the reasons: Exercise doesn't really use up that many calories. I know better than to believe what the elliptical read out tells me and even that is meager compared to what I feel like I've expended!
But, here's the issue: I worked out for two hours this morning but I've been sitting at the computer since then (approximately six hours) working. Six hours of just moving my fingers and an occasional pit stop. I haven't attempted to calculate the caloric expenditure for typing, fidgeting a bit and answering an occasional phone call but I suspect it's not many calories.
I'm doomed. I probably should be eating about 500 calories a day to actually lose weight. I'm old. I'm fat. I'm sedentary even though I like to think of myself as active....sitting for six hours is sedentary! No wonder I don't lose weight easily or quickly.
But I am happy to report (to myself and to whomever) that I am working on eating intuitively and today I definitely recognized when I'd had enough. I'm not saying I stopped but I recognized the precise moment when I moved from had enough into excess. The stopping....that will come later. Certainly not when I'm eating something I like. At least not yet.
That's what I cannot figure out. How to stop when the food I'm eating is particularly tasty. I believe it's time for me to reread Intuitive Eating by Tribole and Resch.

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