Monday, March 23, 2009

Gluttony Revisited

Another marvelous trip to Los Angeles made extra special by sharing it with friends who appreciate the culinary specialties of the area. I weighed myself at the gym the day before we left and was amazed at how much I weighed. Of course, having resorted to wearing only elastic waisted pants in the last few weeks and having to stretch out my t-shirts in order to fit into them should have been a clue to me that I have gained yet more fat. Still, I was practicing the usual game of "the dryer shrank my shirt". Used to be that the dry cleaners shrank my clothes but now that I wash everything, it has to be the dryer. Has to be.
After the weighing incident, I spent some very valuable time obsessing about how to handle a trip planned specifically for eating. Try to order only vegetables and fish? Eat mindfully and intuitively? Throw caution to the wind. I'm fat anyway. What's another couple of pounds?
The latter won out. What a surprise. From the airport we drove downtown to enjoy pastrami sandwiches at Langer's Deli. We paced ourselves, sharing sandwiches. Not much of an indulgence. Back to pick up my husband at the airport and on to Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica for a multicourse meal that was superb but calorific. Salads (good for us), vegetable soup (good for us), french fries (a meal is not complete without french fries), scallops (good for me), chocolate pudding (antioxidant rich, right?), gelato (you gotta have dairy!). We knew we ordered too much when the first course arrived--a bowl of soup in a container that looked like a rowboat. Oh, well. We ate on and on and on, enjoying each mouthful until we held up the white flag.
Day 2 included a trip to a few new specialty shops just to see them (no eating occurred except for a tasting of baked goods which we tossed after one bite)with two dinners. Yes, two dinners. Comme Ca for appetizers....heavy appetizers. Animal for a meat and fat centric meal. Opposite ends of the spectrum for ambiance, style of food and service but both quality restaurants serving quality ingredients. And lots of calories. Salad with bacon and poached egg. Pork belly, ribs, lamb, duck...the list could go on and on. Oh, and chocolate covered bacon.
Day 3 started with my friend's husband declaring that he was going to fast all day long! We chuckled knowing that he would no doubt succumb eventually. Off to the Hollywood Farmer's Market. Wow. Strawberries. Every place. Gorgeous red sweet berries perfumed the air. Huge market. Dizzying array of produce. But it was the cooked foods that seduced us. We sampled. A lot. Friend's husband stayed true to his decision to fast. We offered. He declined.
Then on to the beach for a walk. Or a waddle.
We decided to eat before our flight home lest we suffer hunger pangs on a flight without food. That's when friend's husband decided his fast was over. Burgers for all of us. French fries. The desserts looked tempting but we resisted.
Home to contemplate the gluttony of the weekend. Not sorry. Sorry I missed the taco trucks. They were on my list but traffic took up so much of our time! Sorry I missed a lot of foods.
Sorry I am so fat. Sorry I don't seem to be able to resist the temptation and not being able to resist, sorry I do not eat the foods in an intuitive way. Oh, well, Scarlet, tomorrow is another day.

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Jenny said...

When I go to LA one of my favorite things to do is hit up all my favorite food spots. Glad you had a fun trip.