Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Laugh out loud food

A friend sent this blog to me today ( For some reason, the Krispy Kreme with Sloppy Joe made me laugh out loud. A lot of it actually looks pretty good to me. And some of it isn't that far out. Lots of avant garde restaurants are offering bacon flavored desserts. Chocolate covered bacon isn't far out any more. I kinda liked the chicken fried bacon with gravy. That has a certain appeal to me. I love bacon. I love breaded and fried food. I'm pretty sure it would taste good. I might stop breathing as soon as I finished the plate but I think I would die with a smile on my face! Oh, and the brownie covered with cookie dough and then fried, that has promise. I think I was supposed to be grossed out by the blog entries but I'm not!

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Dietitian for Hire said...

this was funny love your writing style on the NE list serv