Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pizza Gluttony

I did it. I ate a 12 inch cheese pizza all by myself. With lots of red pepper flakes. Every slice. Every piece of stretchy cheese. All the delicious crunchy crusts. Every morsel. There's nothing left but the box. Why did I do it? Because I've been thinking about pizza from NYPD Pizza (a local pizza joint) for weeks. Sometimes when I'm getting ready to make my lunch, I'll think, "Maybe I should just go get a pizza". I always stop myself. But it had become a sort of obsession so that every time I was getting ready to eat, pizza would pop into my head.
Now the obsession has been resolved. The pizza has been consumed. It was delicious. Right now, though, I'm feeling kind of full. Like really full. Like bloated. Like maybe I should have stopped at half the pie? Or even left one piece over? Or, better yet, shared it!
Oh, well. It's done. Could have been worse. I could have also had some Pepsi....real Pepsi. I didn't. That's the perfect pairing. Pepsi and Pizza. Pepsi with sugar. Not sugar free. Yum. Perfect balance of flavors. For my palate. Instead, I drank a diet Sprite. Weird. The drink was just there to quench my thirst not to enhance the pizza the way Pepsi does.
I shall not think of this again. I'm over it. My belly. That's another story. My belly may be feeling the ravages of pizza gluttony for a while. Poor belly.

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