Friday, February 6, 2009


The following came thru the e-mail to me (from whence, I know not):
Leading dieticians and weightloss professionals have focused on the importance of removing toxins from your body this year. When you detoxify your body you naturally shed excess water weight, start burning fat/food more efficiently and lose weight naturally.

Um, "leading dieticians"? Which ones? And dieticians or dietitians? Because we RDs prefer the latter spelling. But that's not what's important. What is a weightloss professional? Someone who's made her life's work going on diets? Someone who gets paid to lead other people to weight loss? Someone who anoints herself a weightloss professional? And who are these leading dieticians and weightloss professionals? Because the rest of the e-mail was about colonics. I don't know any leading or otherwise dietitian or dietician who would recommend colonics as a way to lose weight. Our teaching is that the body naturally detoxifies itself every time you visit the bathroom for #1 or #2. For people who visit less often (and you know who you are), that could just be your own "rhythm" and not a problem. It's rare for people to actually need some extra help and if they do, usually a prune or a bowl of bran flakes for breakfast does the trick. In fact, bran flakes with prunes would make for a great natural detox that doesn't involve the potential to damage your organs by going the other route (if you know what I mean). Such a delicate subject. Difficult to be PC about it.
Anyway, the point is that when you read something that touts "leading dieticians and weightloss professionals" that should send up a red flag. Why wouldn't these outstanding people in their fields want to be recognized, named?
And as for the cleaning out of the purported toxins that reside in the gut, there's just no science to back that up. There's nothing putrefying in your gut now. There are indeed toxins and waste products but the best way to get rid of them is to let your body do what it does naturally.
As for losing weight. Come on, guys. Perhaps after a day of gastrointestinal virus attack you might weigh a bit less but a colonic ain't gonna do it. Remember, we want to lose FAT not make the numbers on the scale go down my ounces!

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