Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eat this not that--does it work?

I just read a post on the WW web site that details making little "switches" like fat free milk for whole milk in your lattes. The idea is saving a few calories here and there (and everywhere) to add up to enough calories saved to result in loss of weight. It's not unlike the best selling book, Eat This, Not That.
Fantasy, I say.
Sure, if the world stopped rotating on its axis and you never again added cream or whole milk to your latte and kept everything else stable (like your total intake, like your activity output) and you didn't age (because we all know that as you age, you have to take in fewer calories or you'll gain weight), then switching to fat free milk might indeed result in weight loss. It's doubtful, why it's down right ridiculous, to assume any of that. So the small changes that people keep recommending as sure fire ways to lose weight are fantastic (and I don't mean that in a good way).
Sure, a "regular" burger is a less caloric choice than a cheeseburger. But does that mean that eating a burger every day for lunch will leave you thinner at the end of the week? I suppose it could be possible. But I'd have trouble restraining myself from not adding a few french fries since I'd theoretically be "saving" all those cheese calories! And the few extra fries would require a couple of extra dips into the Ranch dressing. And, voila, there goes the calorie savings.
I don't think I'm alone in that perverted thought process. "Oh, I'm saving a few calories here so I suppose it would be okay to add a few more there".
There are reasons to switch from white bread to whole wheat bread and from whole milk to 1% (I don't think anyone should drink skim doesn't taste like milk!). Those reasons are for health and not to lose weight.
I'm obsessed with weight....well, with body fat although I use the term "weight". I'm obsessed with how fat I am, have been and will be. I should be obsessed with how healthy I am. And if I were, then choosing whole grain bread and 1% milk would make me healthier if not thinner. And that is the reason I should be choosing those. Because even if you're thin, those are the choices you should be making.
So, Eat This, Not That and WW switches are for everyone. Not just for the weight obsessed.

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