Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Confusion

The news: The economy, obesity and the Super Bowl. The economy is in the dumps but people are a)betting money on the Super Bowl; b) spending money on parties; c) spending money on traveling to the game. Obesity in America is a troubling problem but people are planning an indulgence worthy of their last day on earth just because it's Super Bowl Sunday.
The stores will be empty but for a few women happy to leave their husbands in front of the TV with a bowl of chips as a companion. The movie theaters will be empty but for a few women tired of shopping and happy to see some chic flick that their sports minded husbands would never agree to see. The parks, the streets, the freeways will be empty. It's Super Bowl. I don't get it.
If you want to eat chicken wings and chips and dip and pizza and chili and whatever else is considered game day fare, then just do it. Why do people need an excuse? And why is this day connected to indulgence? Why is it okay to eat thousands of calories of fat laden foods today but not on any other day? What's so special about Super Bowl Sunday? Is it over yet?

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