Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day of reckoning

I went to Weight Watchers today. I know. It's a diet. I help other people plan diets for themselves. I study mindful eating. I know all about intuitive eating. Why am I on a diet? Because I need one. I'm going to follow the "core" program which just means I'll be on a healthy eating plan and I control the amount of food I eat. So, let's not think of it as a diet. We'll see how it goes. Of course I had to overdose on the crap I won't be eating after today. That was a mistake. I didn't enjoy it. I don't feel so great now. And I probably added at least one pound to my already corpulent frame. Worst of all, though, is that there's plenty more I'll be missing so it really wasn't worth it. Whatever. Moving right along.
I'm feeling good about having made a decision to do something positive for myself. Filling my belly and satisfying my mouth just hasn't been working that well for me lately. Tucking in my shirt, wearing a belt. That just might be a bit more satisfying! We'll see.

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