Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 2

Day 2 and counting. Big test today on only the second day. Not fair. I'll be going with a group of friends to review a restaurant. A very upscale trendy new place in Scottsdale. It's already gotten lots of advance press and normally I'd be beside myself with anticipation. But all I feel right now is dread. Flavors, textures, aromas. The pressure to taste. Will I prevail or will the food overpower me?
I'll pay more attention to the surroundings, service and presentation than I normally do. At least, that's my plan. I'll depend on my eating buddies for their assessment of the flavors and textures of the food. I might have a lick here and there. Don't want to make any promises to myself. I'll do my best.
First impulse was to skip breakfast to save up calories but that's not the spirit of WW. So I ate two eggs cooked in a dry pan with a side of spicy salsa and a glass of (yuck) skim milk. That should get me to lunch without too much pain and stomach growling.
Oh, BTW...I'm following the Core Plan on WW. Counting points is just not my thing. I'm "in touch" with my fullness and I'm mindful and intuitive enough to stop when I'm satisfied (even though I don't normally do that!). The WW leader suggested the Core Plan for me because my points allotment would have been too low. 21 for the day. Because I'm so OLD! Since when did they add in age?? Points used to be calculated on weight. Now it's gender, age, weight and activity. Life just isn't fair!

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