Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Imitation is a form of flattery?

I wrote an article called Confessions of a Fat Dietitian. Then another dietitian started a blog called Confessions of a Fat Dietitian. I wrote to her and asked her if she would consider changing the name of her blog--even though I didn't "trademark" the title (my mistake!), I just didn't want people to think that she and I were the same person. She demurred and abandoned the blog. Then I found a blog called Fat Dietitian written by a student who in fact is not a dietitian. I contacted her. She was not as amenable and still publishes her blog and is still not a dietitian. Now I find a blog, quite by accident, called Dieting Dietitian. Of course, anyone can write a blog called whatever they want. "It's a free country" as we used to say when I was ten years old. But isn't there any integrity? Any creativity? Any originality? Each one came to the title innocently? None knew of the article or my blog? Well, the first one did know about the article and she was an honorable woman which is why she agreed to move on. The second, the NOT a dietitian woman, said she'd never heard of the article. I haven't contacted this last woman. I know I'm probably overreacing. Have no right to be upset. Free country. Right? But I've been writing this blog for about 18 months. And I use it in my signature for e-mail. It's been on "best of" lists.
Never mind.

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Ana J said...

Kinda random, I started a blog called "fat dietitian" about 3 years ago and never really used it. I just got back on this week and found your blog from another RD's blog. Random. I guess there is more than 1 of us out there!