Monday, September 14, 2009

Another year and still healthy (and as big) as a horse

Had my yearly check up. Never used to do the yearly thing but, thank you Medicare, now I can because it's free (well, nothing is free). Doc was totally unimpressed with me. Guess if there's nothing wrong, there's nothing for her to do. Blood test was even better than last year's. Heart, lungs, all normal. No new aches and pains. Just the usual. So, I haven't lost any weight (in fact, I weigh 20 pounds more than when last I was checked out by her) and yet blood glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides and all the rest are good--really good. Go explain that to the naysayers who say that my 36 inch waist and the extra almost 50 pounds on my short stout frame is probably killing me. Hah! Yes, I could keel over tomorrow but it won't be because I'm fat. I don't have genetics on my side--parents both died in their 60s. If I make it past 69 (that's when my father died), then I'll feel as though I accomplished something.
I exercise. I eat well. I try to enjoy my life with an occasional over indulgence of Chinese food or french fries or ice cream or pizza or Pepsi. I've never used drugs or drunk alcohol or smoked although my food vices are probably just as damaging. So let's see if the people who down bushels of blueberries do better than I do with just plain clean living.


EatLikeMe said...

I love you blog, and was wondering if you could give me a little insight. I am a dietitian, 24 yrs old, and already have issues with eating! I would like to lose about 10 lbs and am constantly trying to do so; however I am not overweight and know I should be happy with the size I am! I read one of your posts where you talked about how you were never overweight when you were younger and wished you would have just been happy. Any advice on how to find a balance? For me it seems to be all or nothing. I am either eating really well or downing a carton of ice cream with brownies on the side! How do I incorporate "fun" foods without binging? It doesn't seem possible sometimes and I am worried I am going to end up morbidly obese out of the job!!!! Any insight would be much appreciated!!!

Fatty Matty said...

Thank you for reading my blog and for sending in a comment. I wish I had the secret. If I did,I'd share it with everyone and we'd all be at a healthier weight. I'm working on being satisfied with my weight right now. I strive to accept myself as I am. That wasn't always the case. I know that I am harder on myself than others are. When I say that I am "fat", the response from others is that I am not. I think that's because we've all re-evaluated what we consider "fat" now that so many people are obese. Accepting how I am does not mean that I am blind to my weight. I am healthy and that's the most important issue for me. I am thankful to the teachings of the HAES people for helping me come to terms with my body. As for how to incorporate "fun" foods. What would you tell a client? You use the word "bingeing" to describe your relationship with "fun" foods. Do you actually mean that you binge on them or just that you eat too much of them? Because, of course, there's a difference and that difference might signal a problem more difficult to solve than just avoiding the food. You should know that you are not alone. Many people choose dietetics as a career because they are confused about their relationship with food and they hope to learn something in their studies to help them live a healthier life. For the balance issue, I have found that as long as I don't "forbid" myself from eating some foods, I am better at controlling the portion I do eat. I've written in the blog that eating a crunchy carrot does not make a good substitute for a bag of crunchy potato chips! So when I want some chips, I wait a little while to see if the "want" subsides. If not, then I eat some chips. If I'm worried that I'll eat too many, then I serve myself a sensible portion and get rid of the rest. Maybe that's a bit harsh---throwing away good chips--but it works for me. If your concerns about your eating and your weight are consuming too much of your waking (and sleeping?) time, then perhaps talking to a professional about the problem will help.
Again, thank you for your comments.