Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yoga and Mindful Eating...a serious post

I get a lot of this: "I think you're so funny. I love reading your blog." I hope this won't disappoint you all but this is going to be a serious "dietitian" post.
I just read this article, Regular Yoga Practice Is Associated with Mindful Eating ( I'm feeling thoughtful about it.
I don't like yoga. I've tried it a few times--maybe more than a few times. I've gone to yoga studios and tried classes at the gym. I find the remarks and beliefs of the teachers to be difficult for me to accept. Talking about stimulating my liver and kidneys with different poses. I don't know. They're constant chattering during class about how each pose is making a difference in my psyche or my body just bothers me. I like aerobics classes more because all the teacher does is cue the moves and occasionally grunt.
Anyway, I've never been able to get "into" yoga. I even tried hot yoga which I kind of liked more because of the added challenge of trying to avoid throwing up in class from the heat. But I digress. So, I've not been a fan.
This article is giving me reason to try yoga again. As a weight lifter, I am NOT in touch with my body sometimes. Sure, I have to know that I am working the right muscle and know that my form is good but in order to lift heavy weights, I have to get out of my body. I have to ignore the pain and discomfort that often accompanies straining to lift something very heavy.
I've had difficulty with mindfulness when it comes to eating. So I think I'm going to give yoga another chance.

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