Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home and Hot

I'm home! Arrived in the inferno last night. The ride across the desert from LA to Phoenix was HOT! We stopped to eat our lunch and the food in the cooler started to warm up as soon as I opened the cooler!
We went shopping for food at Whole Foods before we left LA. My husband eyed bags of potato chips and packages of cookies. But, no. The week of excess (even though it wasn't as excessive as in times past) had to end on the trip home. At least that's what I decided. I did find some candy bars in the cooler, though. He must have slipped those in when I wasn't looking and I gotta say I was glad because six hours in the car left me feeling like I deserved a food reward.
But now we're home. And although it's only been 1/2 day so far, I'm trying. Had oatmeal for breakfast and tuna fish with veggies for lunch with a pluot for dessert. Drinking water instead of soda. Lots of water. It's 115 degrees here. I'm "eliminating all the stored glycogen quickly" (you dietitians will know what I mean by that!).
Yes, it's hot here. So many people tell me they aren't hungry in hot weather. What's wrong with them? Or that they want to eat "light". What is "light" food? I don't get it.
Going to book club meeting tonight. There will be food. Lots of it. There will be dessert. I hate it when someone refuses to eat something by saying, "I'm on a diet." So I'll taste. And if it's really good, I'll eat it! I'm not going to lie. I will eat it. All of it if it's tasty. That's how it is. I won't, however, refuse something because of dieting. Ugh. It's that word again. I'm not dieting and I'm not following a diet. I'm just trying to get back into the groove of eating the way I know I should eat. And I'm trying to remember what it feels like to be hungry! While on vacation, I often have to eat when others are hungry. That doesn't work out well for me because even if I'm not hungry, I will eat a meal. I mean, who knows when I might get another chance?
Anyway, back to normal (what's normal for me) and hoping there are no restaurant meals in my future. At least not for a few days.

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