Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time Magazine article: Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin

The buzz at the gym: "Did you read that article about exercise? It hardly burns any calories. Why are we doing this?"
Let me start with "duh". What did they think, my exercising buddies at the gym? Did no one know how few calories are used up in exercise? Let's be realistic. If exercise really did burn that many calories, I'd be a waif. For all the effort and time I put into exercise, I wouldn't be able to eat enough calories to maintain my weight if exercise did such a good job using up calories.
So, no. Exercise will not make you thin. But it will help make you more flexible. Exercise will make your heart stronger. It will make your bones stronger. Exercise will make your body use insulin more efficiently. Exercise may help to prevent breast cancer and colon cancer. I don't know why. But that's what the research shows. People who exercise sleep better. Exercise helps to reduce stress. So it doesn't help people lose weight. Oh, goodness me. Does that mean we should be giving it up?
Are we so obsessed with weight that we'll only choose lifestyle activities that result in weight loss?


sBs said...

I like your message here. It's unfortunate so many people think that exercise is only for weight management/weight loss, although there are WAY more benefits that improve our health. Love your posts!

Iris said...

My weight loss clients are always frustrated that they work out so hard and don't see a difference on the scale. I have to keep telling them that what they're eating makes ten times more of a difference than exercising. Of course that's no reason not to do it. I think if any of them saw that article, they would use it as an excuse to lie on the couch at night.