Monday, December 22, 2008

Restaurant Conundrum

Just got back from dinner. Went to a neighborhood place that is always full of neighborhood people. The food is good. Not lots of "healthy" choices although they're pretty good about making modifications if you ask. Looked around the room and noticed that most of the people were fat. These are locals who eat out during the week which means they probably eat out often during the week after work. The problem is that the menu offers very limited healthier choices and the portions are larger than people would probably eat if they were eating at home.
This is no great revelation. The story will not be featured on the evening news: Sharon discovers the reason for the obesity epidemic.
And it's not like I didn't already know this. I believe that if people cooked their own meals instead of eating out, ordering out, taking out, they would be a lot better off. That includes me.
But we all eat out. Too much. And we expect the restaurant to do for us what we should be doing at home. I think that's expecting too much.
Why didn't I make dinner tonight? Because I didn't feel like it. That's why. I didn't want to dice and chop, saute and boil and then do the dishes. I wanted to be served. So I was served thousands of calories. Lazy me.
Did I order smartly? No. Did I ask for some healthy modifications? No. Am I sorry now? Maybe. If I could behave in a more rational way, then eating out wouldn't be such a negative issue. I do not exercise control when I am at a restaurant. I've written about it. I've thought about it. I mean to do it. I don't do it.

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