Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year decision

No resolutions. At least none I will write down or say out loud....even to myself. But firm decisions. I am tired of eating out of control. I really am tired of it. I have decided to try to follow advice that I would give: Tomorrow morning (not more feast of ice cream before it's over), I'm cleaning out the frig. Tossing out the delicious Fox's UBet chocolate syrup. Getting rid of anything that can lead me down the road of ruin. I'll go thru the cabinets and the freezer. It's time to be serious. I'm going to be 65 soon and I have to stop abusing my body with food. No baking. Not for a long time. In fact, I would like to swear off reading cookbooks but I'm on a cookbook judging committee so I'll be reading 35 cookbooks over the next two weeks. They're all "healthy" cookbooks, though, so there will be no temptation from the recipes. I guess I'm just tired of fooling myself. I can lose weight. There's no "glandular" condition going on here. It's all me. Quantity and choices. And when I'm out of control as I've been for a while, I don't eat the fruits and veggies that I normally do. And I actually miss them. Cold turkey tomorrow. Could probably go for it now but it's New Year's Eve....don't want to be sorry in the morning that I missed out on an ice cream eating opportunity tonight.

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