Thursday, December 4, 2008

Physical hunger vs My mouth

Ever since I abandoned WW, I've noticed that I no longer have the "taste" for things like whole wheat bread and whole grain cereals. In fact, I was unable to finish the sandwich I made for myself yesterday because I just couldn't eat the whole grain bread. It almost made me gag!
It took me a while to retrain my taste buds when I started WW many many months ago. Before each meal, my mouth would ask for pizza but I restrained myself and ate what was "allowed". Oh, sure, WW allows you to eat pizza but you know I didn't just want one slice so it was better to avoid it rather than create an issue of quantity desire. Slowly I learned to answer my true physical hunger with "appropriate" foods. Although my mouth would sometimes rebel, mostly I was able to retrain my taste buds and control the response if not the desire.
So since WW and I have parted ways, I've lost the taste for some of the foods that I should be eating regardless of the regimen I follow. Whole grain foods are a must. But I like white bread. I know. White bread. Not really the fluffy kind that you can roll into a spit ball. Rather I prefer the heartier kind usually from an artisan type bakery. I like white rolls. I like white rice although I have to admit that brown rice and whole grain pastas are acceptable to my demanding mouth. I haven't tried whole grain pizza yet, though.
My mother always said that hungry people will eat anything (meaning, I should eat what she put in front of me regardless of how yucky it was). That just doesn't work for me. I learned finally after weeks of dieting to recognize true physical hunger but my response to it was often determined by my mouth. What would taste good or feel good on my tongue. Filling my belly is almost secondary to how the food will taste. Certainly that will always stand in the way of following a healthier diet.
I have to figure out how to overcome that obstacle. How to override my mouth and respond only to the hunger in my belly and not the desire of my palate.
The truth is, I don't really like "healthy" food. I don't want an apple. I want apple pie. I don't want whole grain bread. I want white bread. I don't want roasted skinless white meat chicken. I want breaded and fried chicken wings. I don't want grilled fish. I want fried fish. The list goes on. Strangely, I'll eat naked (meaning no butter or sauce) steamed broccoli. Why?

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