Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Selling out

I've been down on Jillian, the trainer on The Biggest Loser, for a few weeks because her tactics have become overbearing and not at all what I would consider "motivational". Still, I had a soft spot in my heart for her. She's done a great job on her own body and occasionally she shows a softer side on the show. But now....I don't know. Look, I think everyone should take the chance to make a buck when they can. Celebrity is fleeting. And Jillian's time in the spotlight might not last that long. So it's okay for her to make a couple of dollars off her celebrity while she can. Supplements, though?
Janet Helm, a fellow dietitian, has written an excellent post on Jillian's supplements. Here's the link
Yeah, I'm disappointed. She's always stressed hard work as the way to reach a fitness goal. Not supplements. Not pills or potions.
I can guess what happened: Supplement company approached her management team. Offered beau coup bucks. Management team (counting their 10%) suggested this would be a good thing for her. Photo on the ads. Speaking engagements. Royalties. Oh, and of course I'm sure they also told her that she'd be helping millions of people reach their fitness goals.
I'm disappointed.
So, am I to believe that Jillian made over her body by taking these supplements? Uh, I think not.
Read Janet's excellent analysis of the product.
I doubt anyone will be helped by the supplements. Here's hoping no one is hurt by them.

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