Friday, September 30, 2011

Should a fat governor run for president?

It's all over the Internet. The women of The View can't stop chattering about it. Does it matter that Governor Christie is fat--really fat, visibly fat, overly fat. I am not a supporter of his politics but I keep wondering about all the hoopla over his weight. Our present president was an admitted smoker when he was elected. Is this outcry and interest over Christie's weight just a fat acceptance issue? Is his life (health) more in jeopardy than Obama's was when he was a smoker (Obama says he's conquered his habit). Even I'm not so sure how I feel about this! Health seems to be an important issue for a president. The electorate wondered about McCain's age. Obama's smoking. I wondered about Bush's substance abuse issues way back when. Well, as far as we know, Bush didn't relapse, McCain is still hanging in there and Obama has stopped smoking without any apparent ill effects. So, does it matter that Christie is fat? Shouldn't we be focusing on his politics????


vanyelmoon said...

I agree. I think it is more important to focus on the politics. FDR spent most of his presidency in a wheelchair and he was a great leader. I think it is the political views, and ideas we should be focusing on.

c-ing said...

Although this is over...for now, my opinion is that if he was a woman and fat it would be a HUGE(pun intended) issue. Men can get away with being out of shape and getting older. Women aren't awarded that courtesy. So as a fellow fat person, his weight is an issue. I predict he will lose the weight and return in the future.